IEREST questionnaire

Starting from the 2 April 2013, the IEREST team will be submitting more than 12,000 questionnaires to three groups of students: (1) those who are studying/doing a work placement abroad, (2) those who are about to leave, (3) and finally, those who have come back recently.

The aim of the questionnaire is to collect the intercultural needs of mobile students. Some preliminary results will be available in Summer 2013 and will be used as support of the WP2 activity on focus groups.
The development of the questionnaire in terms of aims, format and features has been carried out by the Consortium under the leadership of the University of Leuven, who have been working on it since November 2012.

The questionnaire, submitted to the incoming and outgoing students of the higher educational institutions within the Consortium, will be active until the 29th of April 2013.