During the three years of the project, the IEREST consortium have had the privilege to meet and work with numerous people who, though not involved in the project directly, have helped us develop our ideas and redefine our goals. We would therefore like to thank (in alphabetical order):

Joanne Baldoni, Università di Trieste, Italy

Michael Byram, Durham University, UK

Jim Coleman, The Open University, UK

Anna Csaki, Università di Trieste, Italy

Darla Deardorff, Duke College, USA

Lutgart Dusar, ViaViaAcademy, Belgium

Federica Gori, Università di Trieste, Italy

Lisa Griggio, Università di Padova, Italy

Claudia Harsch, University of Warwick, UK

Adrian Holliday, Canterbury Christchurch University, UK

David Killick, Leeds Beckett University, UK

Celeste Kinginger, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Annelies Messelink, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands

Stefania Rocco, Università di Perugia, Italy

Alina Schartner, Newcastle University, UK

Flora Sisti, Università “Carlo Bo”, Urbino, Italy

Jan D. ten Thije, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands


We also would like to thank the persons who, from within our institutions, have supported our work!