Work-package 6: General project quality assurance

WP leader: Université de Savoie, ChambéryThis work package is aimed at establishing criteria, tools and procedures for monitoring and evaluating the project in terms of both processes and outputs. It is also aimed at the actual implementation of the stated quality control in line with the fixed strategies, the scheduled deliverables, and the budget.In particular, this monitoring and evaluating activity takes place during the following:

  • Each WP process, milestone, event, result and deliverable;
  • The general project management (included consortium meetings, internal communication activities, and financial management);
  • The quality of the consortium in terms of partners' active and effective participation.

Therefore, all project activities and outputs are subject to evaluation in this work package. Such evaluation is both formative and summative:

  • Formative evaluation, conducted in itinere during the whole lifespan of the project, constitutes a periodic multi-faceted quality assessment aimed at verifying the project relevance, quality, efficacy, efficiency, impact, financial feasibility, and sustainability. Moreover this kind of evaluation allows identification of eventual weaknesses of the project and, consequently, identification of opportune adjustments.
  • Summative evaluation consists in a conclusive quality judgement aimed at the assessment of the project and its final results in terms of efficiency and efficacy. It may be also the starting point for the planning of future activities.

This work package is led by the University of Chambéry (P3) which coordinates a Quality Board formed by at least one representative for all the partners of the consortium. An important role is also played within this WP by the associated partners AEDE-Hungary and AEGEE-Europe, as representatives of two project target groups. In respect to WP4, the Quality Board is enriched by the contribution of an external quality control committee invited to join the internal members in the evaluation of the intercultural paths.This WP will produce four deliverables:

  • An Evaluation plan
  • Forms of periodic quality assessment
  • A WP4 report
  • A final evaluation report