Work-package 5: Preparation of the overall material for the web platform

WP leader: University of PrimorskaThis work package is generally aimed at developing the overall teaching/training and informational materials to be offered on the project web platform.In particular, the main objective of this WP is making the teaching activities (as developed in WP3, experimented in WP4 and tested in WP6) into online products to be used as means of Erasmus students' self-learning as well as forms of teacher-supervised learning. Therefore, this WP is a strategic one, since it allows for sustainability of project results; the web platform is critical in achieving this objective. The competencies, materials, expertise, etc. achieved and/or developed during the project are adapted to the web platform in this WP, thus ensuring the availability of the project offerings beyond its lifetime. The impact of the project results will be further strengthened by the provision on the platform of the reflections/accounts resulting from the comparison of the five intercultural paths in relation to the different contextual/cultural factors they faced, which -most likely- made each intercultural path distinct.Besides resulting in the adapted teaching activities and materials, this WP also provides a set of supporting informational tools: a database of web information sources for both students and teachers, a set of mini-videos presenting class activities and interviews with students and teachers, and a web platform user-manual.To summarise, this WP will produce four deliverables:

  • Adaptation of the teaching activities to the remote access
  • Database of web information sources
  • Mini-videos
  • Web platform user-manual

All the partner institutions are involved in this WP, which is led by the University of Primorska.It is worthwhile mentioning that the consortium is aware of the difficulties of “translating” teaching materials and methodologies aimed at face-to-face teaching in products to be used online. Nevertheless, such a challenge, which will be extensively discussed during Consortium meetings at months 25 and 31, makes this WP a further occasion to reflect on intercultural education, with the intent of realising high-quality open educational resources (OER).