IEREST workshop EAIE Prague 2014

The workshop “Enhancing the Erasmus experience: learning and teaching activities from the IEREST project”, run by Luisa Bavieri (University of Bologna) and Prue Holmes (Durham University), engaged participants in some tasks devised within the IEREST pre-departure activities. The participants, mainly teachers/advisors in charge of student mobility programmes and higher education officers involved in student mobility and internationalization, took the role of students during the realisation of the tasks; they were asked to actively take part in group work, share and negotiate their interpretations of the materials, and put forwards proposals for exploiting the activity and the entire intercultural path in their institutions. The chosen tasks are part of the activity entitled ‘Perceptions of Self and Others’, which aims to introduce students to key concepts and theories that relate to identity, specifically self and other, such as stereotyping, ethnocentrism, essentialising, and prejudice, and consider how different types of identities impact on communication with others. These same tasks were linked to the other pre-departure activities, offering the participants an overview of the entire intercultural path. As well as benefiting of the intercultural outcomes of the activity themselves, the participants familiarized themselves with a non-essentialist approach to interculturality; they analyzed the components of the experienced activity in relation to the intended outcomes; they acquired a clear idea of how the intercultural path works and considered how this can be implemented in their own institutions.