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Forthcoming Events

Second IEREST Consortium meeting
in Chambéry

On 11th and 12th April the IEREST team will meet in Chambéry for a two-day meeting, hosted by John Osborne and Monica Paniccia (Université de Savoie, Chambéry).

IEREST Focus groups
In Summer 2013, the Consortium will organise two different focus groups: the first one will involve higher education students, teachers, and higher education administrators in the aim of discussing -adopting different perspectives- the results obtained with the questionnaire on the needs of young people taking part in mobility; the second focus group will gather teachers and higher education administrators in order to help analyse the recurring constraints faced in organising and teaching courses of intercultural education/communication in European higher education institutions. Thefore, the two focus groups will be conducted in the interest of the planning of the IEREST intercultural path the former at the teaching level and the latter at the institutional level.

Third IEREST Consortium meeting
in Leuven

On 30th and 31st October 2013 the IEREST team will meet in Leuven for a two-day meeting, hosted by Lut Baten, Roger Janssens, Jan Van Maele, and Basil Vassilicos (University of Leuven).

Past Events

IEREST event in Helsinki
On 15th March 2013, the Helsinki team (Fred Dervin and Anna-Leena Riitaoja) organised a one-day conference entitled “Teaching the ‘intercultural’ to International and Exchange Students in Finnish Higher Education” at the Department of Teacher Education (University of Helsinki, Finland) and the Education for Diversities Research Group (E4D).
Claudia Borghetti, the IEREST project manager, was invited to open the conference reporting on IEREST goals, actions, and work in progress.

IEREST presented
at the University of Leuven

On 18th February, Lut Baten and Jan Van Maele presented IEREST at the ‘Start-up meeting of the task force on internationalization of the curriculum and the classroom’ at the University of Leuven.
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IEREST presented at IDEAR
On 17th December 2012 the Bologna team presented IEREST to their colleagues at the Department of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures, University of Bologna.
The context of the presentation was IDEAR (Departmental Meetings on Research Experiences and Activities).

IEREST presented at the 11th IALIC International Conference
On 1st December 2012, Ana Beaven (project coordinator) and Claudia Borghetti (project manager) presented IEREST at the 11th IALIC (International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication) Conference.
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Every three months IEREST will send its newsletter highlighting its activities and keeping readers up-to-date about meetings, conferences, results and much more! The IEREST news will inform on updates of the website, which describes in detail the objectives and activities of the project; it will report on the work in progress with its news section, and it keeps up-to-date about publications, conference attendance, individual works in progress and other instances of dissemination of the IEREST project.

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The IEREST questionnaire
Ierest questionnaire

Starting from the 2 April 2013, the IEREST team submitted nearly 9000 questionnaires to three groups students: (1) Students who are studying/doing a work placement abroad, (2) students who are about to leave, (3) and students who have come back recently.
The aim of the questionnaire is to collect the intercultural needs of mobile students.

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IEREST Work in progress: What is the ‘intercultural’?
How can it be taught?
Ierest in Helsinki

Since the very beginning of the project, the Consortium is studying and reflecting on what the ‘intercultural’ is. In order to fulfil the project aims, we need to fix a set of shared theoretical and methodological principles on this issue and to agree upon how the ‘intercultural’ can be ‘taught’. Since February 2013 we have started to think and speak also in terms of learning outcomes, teaching objectives, etc. Therefore, the curriculum planning process has started!... One year ahead of the first implementation phase of the Intercultural Path (March 2014)!

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IEREST has a new associate partner!
Thomas Kempen

Thomas More Kempen has recently joined the Consortium as an associate partner. T.M.Kempen is an university college with 12 locations in Belgium, and is strongly committed to interdisciplinary research and to intercultural development.With this new partner, now IEREST has three associate partners altogether. The others are AEGEE-Europe and AEDE-Hungary. These three associate partners have a crucial role in IEREST, since each of them represents one of the project’s target groups: students, teachers and higher education institutions.

Let's meet the leading partner and coordinator: the University of Bologna, Italy logo unibo

The Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna (UNIBO) is a multi-campus university with seats in Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, and Rimini. It is the oldest university in Western Europe and one of the most important European higher education institutions, with more than 87,000 enrolled students (5,600 students from abroad), 11 Schools, 33 research departments, and 27 research centres, 2,881 academic staff and 3,004 administrative staff.
Aware of its own international dimension by history and vocation, the University of Bologna undertakes to consolidate and increase the internationalisation of its scientific and learning programmes and its organisation. For this purpose, it promotes mobility and cooperation among universities from different Countries, dialoguing with the most qualified international scientific and cultural institutions.

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