IEREST presented at the TEE Conference

On the 7th June 2013 TEE (AEDE-Hungary) celebrated its 10th Anniversary. TEE was founded in 2003 as the Hungarian national section of European Association of Teachers (AEDE). Since then TEE has been actively participating in national and international projects.

The Conference hosted by the Regional Centre of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and co-funded by the ELICIT project. The title of the Conference was the Development of Key Competences in Formal, Informal and Non-formal Context in order to Ensure Equal Opportunities and Social Cohesion. The main topics of the presentations among others were: Curriculum materials design; Teaching Approaches; ICT; Assessment; Multicultural and Diversity management; Language and intercultural learning and teaching.

The participants of the conference were informed about the present activities of AEDE-Hungary, including IEREST project participation. The idea of Intercultural Paths which are being developed by the IEREST partners was introduced and discussed by participants of the section dedicated to European identity and Intercultural issues.