IEREST at Intercultural Horizons 2013

On the 7th of October 2013 Claudia Borghetti gave a talk titled "The IEREST Project: Intercultural needs and study abroad" at Intercultural Horizons 2013 in Siena, Italy.

The talk reported on IEREST work progress in relation to the analysis of the student questionnaire submitted in Spring 2013. The questionnaire was aimed at identifying how Erasmus students make sense of their experience abroad in terms of their cultural and intercultural needs. While the data analysis of the 3,152 collected questionnaires is still in progress, some trends are already identifiable, e.g. students seem to value independence as the most important objective and outcome of their abroad experience; they stress the importance of contact with peers, but their interest in local students appears to decrease in the course of the experience abroad. The talk concluded reporting how the IEREST consortium intends to consider respondents’ perceptions and perspectives in designing and testing its “Intercultural Path”.

More info on the results from the questionnaire will be available soon on the website!