IEREST Focus Groups

 (Image by Marco Dini


In September 2013, the Consortium is organizing three online focus groups:

·       06/09/2013 – Focus group with 8 teachers of intercultural/multicultural/cross-cultural/global education or communication in higher education

·       13/09/2013 – Focus group with 8 officers at higher education institutes who are responsible for Erasmus programs

·       20/09/2013 – Focus group with 8 students who have returned from their study abroad in Spring/Summer 2013


The purpose of each online focus group is to enable the IEREST research team to gain insight into how each of the three principal target groups (students, teachers, HEI officers) make sense of the results of a student questionnaire the IEREST consortium have submitted to future, present, and past Erasmus students in Spring 2013. Thus, focus groups participants will be asked to discuss the questionnaire results and to interpret these results from multiple perspectives (including their own professional and personal experience, institutional contexts, teaching/working/studying practices, etc.). Overall, the focus groups will also help the consortium establish priorities in planning the intercultural path in such a way to meet the three target groups’ necessities, expectations, concerns, etc.