Interproject Cooperation with ELICIT

Between April 17th-21st the representatives of AEDE-Hungary took part in ELICIT Public Seminar and Project meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, where Irina Golubeva had the opportunity to give a presentation on the IEREST.

The partners involved in ELICIT project – among other products – are working on a Reference Framework of the competences necessary to teach European Citizenship Literacy. Intercultural Education is among seven areas of competences addressed in this Reference framework.

The ELICIT partners – AEDE-Europe, AEDE-Bulgaria, AEDE-Hungary, AEDE-France, AEDE- Netherlands, AEDE-Romania, University of Limoges, Kecskemét College, Udens College, Marguerite Duras School, IUFM of Bretagne, Maison de l’Europe de Paris, University of Córdoba, Stockholm University, Fédération de l’Enseignement secondaire catholique, and School Inspectorate of Judetului Botosani –expressed their interest in possible cooperation and their involvement in focus group work.