Teaching the ‘intercultural’ to International and Exchange Students in Finnish Higher Education

The EU-funded IEREST project is organising a one-day conference at the Department of Teacher Education (University of Helsinki, Finland) and the Education for Diversities Research Group (E4D) on 15 March 2013, from 10:00 to 17:00.

This one-day conference aims to discuss the following questions (amongst others):

  • What does ‘intercultural’ mean when it is taught to international and exchange students? Is it different from the ‘intercultural’ taught to local students?
  • Who teaches the ‘intercultural’ to international and exchange students in Finland? What do they teach? Who decides what to teach? How do / can we assess learning of the ‘intercultural’?
  • What do students learn? How do we know they are learning? What is successful and unsuccessful teaching-learning of the ‘intercultural’?
  • What are the needs of people involved with the teaching of the ‘intercultural’ in this context?

Guest speakers:

  • Bryony Hoskins, University of Southhampton, UK
  • Claudia Borghetti, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Fred Dervin, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Heidi Layne, University of Helsinki, Finland


  • Maarit Haukka, Student Exchange Coordinator, International services, University of Helsinki
  • Tiina Piipponen, International Coordinator, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Sören Rasmussen, Project Coordinator, Helsinki Region Welcome Weeks, City of Helsinki
  • Kirby Vincent, Lecturer in English, Language Centre, University of Helsinki
  • Kielo Brewis, European Migration Service/Migri
  • Antti Reinsalo, Vice President, Erasmus Student Network Finland