Thomas More Kempen

K.H.Kempen and Lessius colleges recently (September 2012) joined forces to become Thomas More, a university college with more than 17.000 students on 12 locations in Belgium.

Thomas More is a member of the Association KU Leuven. Together with institutions of higher education located across Flanders, KU Leuven formed the KU Leuven Association, an open and dynamic network with a strong and influential position in Flanders. As part of the KU Leuven Association network, Thomas More is strongly committed to interdisciplinary research and to professional and intercultural development. With more than 85,000 students, the KU Leuven Association accounts for over 43% of the entire student population in Flemish higher education.

Thomas More Kempen is the former K.H.Kempen, a University College with various departments and more than 7,300 students. K.H.Kempen University College has always been an impulse for regional development in the Kempen, a dynamic region in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

K.H.Kempen was founded in 1995, when six institutes of higher education in the Kempen region merged. Each of those predecessors, however, boast a reputation going back more than half a century.

Thomas More Kempen maintains excellent connections with businesses and organisations of the Kempen region and beyond, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thomas More Kempen consists of four campuses. All of them are situated in Kempen, the region in the North of Belgium, east of Antwerp in respectively Geel, Turnhout, Lier and Vorselaar.

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