Università di Bologna

The University of Bologna (UNIBO) is the oldest university in Western Europe and one of the most important European higher education institutions, with more than 90.000 enrolled students, 23 faculties, 80 research departments and research centres, 3200 academics and 3000 administrative staff.

Internationalisation is one of the strategic priorities of UNIBO. Thus, the University is largely involved in International programmes design: the number of foreign students regularly enrolled figures around 5.000, while an additional 2.000 come every year on international mobility programs such as LLP/Erasmus, Overseas and Erasmus Mundus Action II. The number of UNIBO students who go abroad on exchange programs or on study grants is more than 2.000.

The academic offer of the University of Bologna is composed of around 100 undergraduate programs, more than 100 master programs (25 of which are completely taught in English or in another foreign language), and more than 90 Doctoral Programs, coordinated by 14 Doctoral Schools. The University of Bologna is currently involved in 8 Erasmus Mundus Master Courses, 2 of which it is coordinating, and in 3 Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates, one of which is coordinated by the University of Bologna.

Three UNIBO structures will participate in this project: CILTA (one of the institution’s language centres), the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, and DIRI, the administrative division of International Relations Office.

CILTA (Centro Interfacoltà di Linguistica Teorica ed Applicata) is the oldest university language centre in Italy. It provides language facilities to various faculties, institutes and departments. The teaching staff is very experienced in the development and use of ICT and e-learning materials. Its e-learning service, DALIA, combines self-study sessions and face-to-face modules with provisions for testing within the terms of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF). CILTA has participated in a number of research projects on e-learning and lifelong learning, WebCEF and CEFcult among the most recent ones.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature aims to train professionals to attain a high level proficiency in two or more languages and their related cultural traditions, offering eighteen foreign languages and literatures, as well as international exchanges with Europe, America, Oceania and Japan.  Each year the Faculty has over 2.000 fully registered students, 200 of whom come from countries all over the world. It has launched a large number of international projects, among which E-local, a project which promotes less widely used European languages as an important contribution to multilingualism.

The International Relations office is in charge of the implementation of the internationalisation strategy of the university and of the management of exchange students from European Programs. The Professional Unit for international projects at EU level, which will participate in this project, has coordinated the LLP Erasmus Network JOIMAN, a network that has developed practices and tools for the development and management of joint programs at Master and Doctoral level.

Besides the role of leading partner and coordinator, the University of Bologna will be a core partner in all work packages envisaged, as follows:

  • WP1 - General project management (LEADER)
  • WP2 – Review of target groups' needs
  • WP3 - Planning of the intercultural paths
  • WP4 – Implementation of the intercultural paths
  • WP5 - Preparation of the overall material for the web platform
  • WP6 - General project quality assurance
  • WP7 - Dissemination strategies (LEADER)
  • WP8 - Actions aimed at project exploitation (LEADER)

CILTA and the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures will play a crucial role in language and intercultural communication teaching and learning, while DIRI will deal with administrative and managerial matters.

  • Luisa Bavieri
  • Ana Beaven - Project Coordinator
  • Claudia Borghetti - Project Manager
  • Paola Cassone
  • Francesco Girotti
  • Lucia Livatino
  • Alessia Marchi
  • Rosa Pugliese
BolognaBologna, Emilia-Romagna 40125