Work-package 8: Actions aimed at project exploitation

WP leader: University of BolognaThe University of Bologna leads this work package which is conceived to work hand in hand with WP7. A strong dissemination starting from the very beginning of the project will support the active exploitation of results during the lifetime of the project and beyond. Even if exploitation reaches its peak point at the end of the project, when the intercultural paths are tested and above all when the web platform has its features finalised, the WP is active throughout the project.This WP will produce three deliverables:

  • Online teaching course
  • Agreements with stakeholders
  • Workshop in Leuven

The activities carried out within this WP are aimed at both multiplication and main-streaming long-lasting effects:

  • In the first case, the aim is promoting the successful results of the project (the conceived intercultural paths as well as the web platform) to teachers and students in order to allow for the multiplication of the project experiences and products in additional teaching/learning contexts and beyond the lifetime of the project. In particular, teachers will be invited to use the online teaching course, and both teachers and students to use the web platform according to their needs.
  • In the second case, the aim is transferring the praxis of delivering intercultural modules to outgoing and incoming Erasmus students in higher education institutions at a European level. This objective implies informing the appropriate international, national and local stakeholders in detail about the results of the project and collaborating with them in exploiting them in their own programmes and contexts. This action will be pursued above all by the means of official agreements with various stakeholders and through the organization of an international workshop in which they are the main target groups.

In both cases the intention is to expand at EU level the European added value exploited during the project thanks to consortium members' various competences (in terms of scientific and cultural backgrounds).All the partners are actively involved in this work package. In particular, results will be exploited on an individual level by participants and partners who share results within their institutions with the intent of multiplying the intercultural paths within their working contexts. Moreover, each partner plays an important role in making and keeping contacts with national and local stakeholders; this ongoing action is a fundamental condition for concluding formal agreements.