Work-package 7: Dissemination strategies

WP leader: University of BolognaIn order to assure a wide and effective impact of the project results and initiatives, this WP is aimed at developing a capillary and multi-faceted dissemination strategy which takes place for all the three years of the project with continuous diffusion of the results.The dissemination strategy is broad in scope. The target groups of this overall dissemination strategy are:

  • The HEI partners in the project, who, besides benefiting from its outcomes, can guarantee its sustainability through the institutionalization of the intercultural paths;
  • European HEIs in general;
  • European Association of Universities;
  • Stakeholders at (inter)national and local level;
  • LLP Agencies;
  • European and national associations of teachers, and teachers in general;
  • International, national and local (Erasmus) student associations. and higher education students in general;
  • Erasmus students' informal web communities;
  • Associations, scholars and researchers in the field of intercultural (foreign language) education and intercultural communication/training.

This WP will produce five deliverables:

  • The project web platform
  • Scientific publications
  • An international conference in Bologna
  • Four national seminars in Helsinki, Durham, Koper, and Bologna
  • A project newsletter

All partners actively contribute to this WP, which is led by the University of Bologna.