Work-package 2: Review of target groups' needs

WP leader: University of LeuvenThe general aim of this work package is delineating a clear and multi-faceted overview of the needs of Erasmus students, HEIs, and intercultural education teachers/trainers (the target groups for this WP) in order to fully address them in the following work-packages.In particular this WP is aimed at three actions:

  • Identifying outgoing and incoming Erasmus students’ cultural and intercultural needs, as well as those during their stay abroad;
  • Collecting and recording existing HEI offerings (regular courses, Erasmus-oriented special modules, orienteering services, etc.) which are aimed at fostering and facilitating incoming and outgoing Erasmus students' experiences abroad;
  • Identifying and comparing existing teaching practices.

The research activities implied in this WP greatly benefit from current insights within the field. However, this knowledge is concerned more with study abroad in specifically targeted national cultures. By contrast, Erasmus students must prepare for and manage living in hybrid international mainly-Erasmus contexts. To be successful in this context they need specific intercultural knowledge and skills. Therefore, the above-mentioned actions (1, 2, and 3) aim to identify the current situation of Erasmus students regarding their intercultural experiences and knowledge.The actions of this WP, with its European focus, will enable identification of the different problems and necessities, and possible solutions, practices within the European context, thus strengthening knowledge transfer and experience within the project and, consequently, improving generalisation of the project’s results.All the partners of the consortium - with the exception of the Open University - are involved in this WP under the leadership of the University of Leuven.