Work-package 1: General project management

WP leader: University of Bologna The coordinator takes care of the project management and is in charge of the coordination and monitoring of all activities. All partners contribute actively to the management in four ways:

  • Each partner has a representative within the Steering Committee of the project, which is in charge of the management activities: Taking care of the initial planning, monitoring the project for all its duration; monitoring deadlines and milestones; developing internal monitoring and report forms; fostering and guaranteeing information exchange and communication among partners; updating of the EU project website with information; taking care of the financial management.
  • For each work package a leader is nominated who is in charge of coordinating her/his specific task-force, respecting deadlines, and delivering an internal report every six months starting from month 7. The reports will have to explain any eventual deviation from the initial plan.
  • The Quality Board in charge of WP6 is led by a partner who does not have leading role in the implementation of the WPs (University of Chambéry), and there will be active participation of “end-user” associated partners (AEGEE-Europe and AEDE-Hungary).
  • All partners are involved in the transversal WPs, in making and keeping contacts with national and local stakeholders, and in taking care of local meetings, and events organization.

The main tools of communication among the consortium are:

  • Flash-meetings
  • A consortium mailing-list
  • emails.
  • The EU project website.
  • A dedicated web space on Dropbox

This WP will produce five deliverables:

  • A two-day kick-off meeting held in Bologna (month 1)
  • A monitor and reporting tool
  • Five two-day meetings, held every six months (months 7, 13, 18, 25, 31) respectively in Chambéry, Leuven, Helsinki, Durham, Koper.
  • Final consortium meeting held in Bologna (month 36)
  • Two-monthly flash-meetings