Final symposium in Bologna

On September 23, the University of Bologna hosted the last of a series of one-day IEREST symposia. The Bologna symposium, on Mobile students’ intercultural learning: Exploring forms of assessment, was held at the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Interpreting and Translation and was attended by over 70 teachers, researchers, administrative officers and students from Europe and elsewhere. Although the IEREST project does not focus directly on assessment, this is a key issue in integrating intercultural learning into Higher Education institutions. Overviews of IEREST activities, keynote presentations by Darla Deardoff (Duke University) and Claudia Harsch (Warwick University), hands-on workshops exploring assessment within specific IEREST tasks and a final round-table discussion examined the complex questions surrounding the Why?, What? and How? of assessing intercultural learning, in a final symposium that proved to be particularly stimulating and participatory.