Durham University

Between February and May 2015, Durham University is piloting two different IEREST activities for Erasmus students who have returned from their study abroad.

The activities are: "Student Mobility Beyond the Academy" (February-March), which focuses on global citizenship and employability, and "Bringing Interculturality Back Home" (April-May), which gives students the opportunity to reflect on their intercultural experiences and enounters abroad, as well as to present them to future Erasmsus students.

The activities are open to students from all the faculties who will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of each of the two activities.

Both "Student Mobility Beyond the Academy" and "Bringing Intercultural Back Home" include three meetings with a focus on face-to-face teaching and interactive tasks such as group work, discussions and presentations.

The workshop is taught by Dr Prue Holmes and Sara Ganassin.