Welcome back, welcome to IEREST Module 3

The IEREST team have developed three teaching activities (Module 3) to encourage students who have recently returned from their Erasmus experience to reflect on their stay abroad.The international experience may be finished, but the opportunities for intercultural learning are not. Quite the opposite. IEREST intends to guide students to make the most of their post-Erasmus period for their present and future lives as students, professional workers, and intercultural-minded individuals.

With these aims in mind, the IEREST team will involve students in these new teaching activities, which are titled respectively “One, two, many… Erasmus experiences”, “Intercultural engagement”, “Mobility beyond the Academy”.

Overall, by taking part in the teaching activities, the students are encouraged to pursue learning objectives such as:

  • Understand and appreciate how language and interculturality are empowering resources for engagement with others;
  • Explore how an Erasmus experience contributes to their personal and professional identity development beyond the academy;
  • Develop the ability to name, critically question and explain to others their Erasmus intercultural experiences;
  • Develop an awareness of the importance of monitoring their own language to avoid perpetuating culturalist discourses;
  • Develop a sense of responsibility towards future mobile students as recipients of one’s narratives.

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