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Incoming Erasmus students - who may or may not have attended module 1 - are the protagonists of a special IEREST teaching module. Differently from the other IEREST modules, this one is offered by the students' host institutions. While the IEREST teaching activities are the same as the module offered online to outgoing students  - “Intercultural geography”, “24h Erasmus Life”, and “Experiencing (interculturality through) volunteering” -, here participants meet face-to-face, are newcomers at the host institution, and come from different countries and universities. Thus, although the activities are the same, it is foreseeable that this and the online module offered to outgoing students will be different in terms of class dynamics, learning strategies, etc. As the two modules will take place between now and December 2014, depending on the IEREST partner institution, we will need to wait until 2015 to have the results of the piloting of both modules.