IEREST conference, Bologna, 12th-13th June, 2014

On 12th-13th June, 2014 the IEREST international conference "Teaching the intercultural in contexts of student mobility" was held at the University of Bologna, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Interpreting and Translation. See here the event programme and poster

The conference was intended for researchers of intercultural education as well as other educational professionals interested in intercultural and student mobility issues, programme administrators, and teachers of intercultural education. It was an opportunity to discuss aims, methods and outcomes of available courses, as well as innovative ideas to improve the preparation of mobile students from an intercultural point of view. The conference included a number of presentations of IEREST outcomes and work in progress, and the opportunity to experiment with some of the materials developed within the project.

The conference hosted more than 100 delegates, 5 IEREST and 18 external papers, and two keynotes respectively by Celeste Kinginger (Pennsylvania State University, USA) and Michael Byram (Emeritus Professor, University of Durham, UK, video-recorded presentation). See the original call for abstracts.

Scientific Committee
Lut Baten (University of Leuven)
Luisa Bavieri (University of Bologna)
Ana Beaven (University of Bologna)
Claudia Borghetti (University of Bologna)
Neva Čebron (Primorska University)
Andrea Ceccherelli (University of Bologna)
Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki)
Irina Golubeva (AEDE-Hungary)
Prue Holmes (Durham University)
Rosa Pugliese (University of Bologna)
Mette Rudvin (University of Bologna)
Nicola Savvides (King’s College, London)
Daniela Zorzi (University of Bologna)

Read the news of the conference on UniboMagazine (in Italian).