Interproject Cooperation with ELICIT Between April 17th-21st the representatives of AEDE-Hungary took part in ELICIT Public Seminar and Project meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, where Irina Golubeva had the opportunity to give a presentation on the IEREST. The partners involved in ELICIT... read more
Consortium meeting in Chambéry On the 11th and 12th of April 2013 the IEREST partners met in Chambéry for the first Consortium meeting. Hosted by John Osborne and Monica Paniccia, the consortium discussed on the ongoing collection of questionnaires, planned the imminent focus... read more
IEREST questionnaire Starting from the 2 April 2013, the IEREST team will be submitting more than 12,000 questionnaires to three groups of students: (1) those who are studying/doing a work placement abroad, (2) those who are about to leave, (3) and finally, those who... read more
Logo Lifelong Learning Follow IEREST with the newsletter and on the web! Every three months IEREST will send its newsletter highlighting its activities and keeping readers up-to-date about meetings, conferences, results and much more! The IEREST news will inform on updates of the website, which describes in detail the... read more
IEREST presented in Helsinki  On the 15th of March 2013 Claudia Borghetti, the IEREST project manager, presented the IEREST work in progress at the one-day conference Teaching the 'intercultural' to International and Exchange Students in Finnish Higher Education, organised by... read more
Teaching the ‘intercultural’ to International and Exchange Students in Finnish Higher Education The EU-funded IEREST project is organising a one-day conference at the Department of Teacher Education (University of Helsinki, Finland) and the Education for Diversities Research Group (E4D) on 15 March 2013, from 10:00 to 17:00. DescriptionThis... read more