IEREST at Cultnet 2015 The second (while-on-mobility) module of the IEREST Paths was presented at the annual meeting of interculturalists which was held in Durham, UK between 17-19th of April, 2015. Prue Holmes, the leader of the Durham IEREST team and Irina Golubeva,... read more
IEREST for Spanish language learning The IEREST paths were presented at an international conference organized by Hungarian Association of Spanish Language Teachers and the Cervantes Institute held in Budapest, Hungary between 10-11th of April, 2015. Irina Golubeva, the president of... read more
IEREST and intercultural language education Claudia Borghetti has been invited by the University for Foreigners of Siena and the teacher association LEND (Language and New Teaching) to facilitate a workshop employing some IEREST activities as starting points to reflect on teaching materials... read more
IEREST for AEGEE-Bologna On 26 March 2015, the Bologna IEREST team has been invited by the Bologna branch of AEGEE to conduct an intercultural workshop based on the IEREST activities, for present and future Erasmus students. The workshop is part of the intensive promotion... read more
IEREST at the University of East Anglia On 12 March 2015 Prue Holmes, the leader of the Durham IEREST team, gave a talk entitled "Intercultural engagement and the study abroad experience" as part of the Language and Communication Public Lecture Series, hosted by the School of Languages,... read more
IEREST in Italian language courses Starting from February 2015, Luisa Bavieri and Lucia Livatino have been using some activities of the IEREST ‘while-abroad’ module in their L2 Italian courses for Erasmus and international students, at the Language University Centre (University of... read more